• Dreadlocks For Black & Mixed Heritage

    With over ten years experience in the industry, our certified therapists are dedicated to providing you with the best styled haircut!

  • Hair Braiding

    Braids With Extension 200g

    Box Braids With Hair Extension: Braids over the summer is always a given. Braids are natural form of hair manipulation that results in interweave of hair strands, braiding, cornrowing, extending, lacing, locking, of hair patterns.   Braids Without Extensions Children/Teens Singles………..£45.00 Adults Single Braids…………….£70.00 Medium Sized Cornrow……….£60.00 Braids With Extensions: Children/ Teens – £60.00 (2 Packs) Children/ Teens – […]

  • keratin-treatments-Brazilian browdry

    Brazilian Keratin Treatment

    Whether you have tight curls, loose waves or frizz hair, the keratin treatment will restore your hair to healthier softer, smoother texture.

  • La-Weave-Micro Weft-beaded weave hair

    Micro Ring Weft / Beaded Weft 100g

    Braidless Weave/Beaded Weft Sew-In Weft is braidless Hair Extensions, which is a unique application. It is ideal for many hair types, especially European Hair without the use of tight braids that are often used for sew in techniques. The beaded track of micro rings that replaces the typical braid offers a much flatter position to […]

  • ShrinkLinks-Hair-Extensions

    Shrink Link Hair

    “Shrinkies” Shrink link tubes are applied with stick tip / I-tip pre-bonded hair extensions. Shrink tubes are small plastic tubes. The extension is pull through the shrink tube and heat is applied, the shrink tube wraps the extension and your hair together. Application To attach this type of hair extensions, small sections of your own hair are gently pull through small plastic shrink tubes also known as . … […]

  • Micro Ring Hair 100g

    Micro Loop & Micro Ring Application: Micro Loop Extensions are individual sections of real hair with a plastic ring at the top/root. An equal section of your own hair is fed through plastic loop, and then slid through the small plastic ring. The loop is then detached and the plastic ring is flattened with pliers. Micro […]

  • Nano Ring Hair 100g

    Nano Ring Hair Extensions: Nano ring hair extensions are around 90% smaller than most micro ring methods. Being small allows for an undetectable and comfortable finish.​ Nano ring hair extensions are suitable for both fine medium and thick hair. Nano ring hair extensions have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Please use the […]

  • Tape Hair Extensions

    Tape Hair 110g

    Tape Hair Extensions: Girlis Tape hair extensions are handmade flat mini-wefts with grade tape tabs designed to attach to the natural hair. The grade tape is safe for skin, scalp and hair, has waterproof properties and incredibly strong. They lays flat on the scalp, can be worn for one-two months, easily removed and damage free, after […]

  • Full / Track Weave 110g

    WEAVING / SEWING-IN  HAIR EXTENSION Weft extensions are the most versatile option on the market. The word ‘weft’ actually refers to the hair extension itself, a hair weft is almost like a curtain of hair extensions.  The word ‘weave’ usually refers to the application of the weft extensions. With a weave, you can have full head or half […]

  • Brazilian Knots hair extensions

    Brazilian Knots 100g

    Brazilian knots Techniques: Brazilian knots hair extensions, also known as the Italian knot technique, and elastic fusion, are a strand-by strand hair extensions technique.When done properly, Brazilian knots are safe, highly durable and provides an overall natural appearance. Please use the link to check available hair extension/colours IN STOCK Brazilian Knots Hair plus Application: 100% […]