Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Girlis Hair Extensions (14)

Brazilian Knots

Brazilian knots hair extensions

Brazilian knots are safe, highly durable and provides an overall natural appearance.


Hair Braiding

Braids over the summer is always a given.

Extension Methods

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the most luxurious salon service available.

Micro Ring Weft

La-Weave-Micro Weft-beaded weave hair

It is ideal for many hair types, especially European Hair without the use of tight braids.

Track Weave

Weave Hair Extension

The word ‘weave’ usually refers to the application of the weft extensions.

Nano Ring

Nano Tip Straight Hair Extensions

Nano ring hair extensions are around 90% smaller than most micro ring methods

Micro Ring Hair

Stick Tip Hair Extensions

Micro Loop Extensions are basically individual sections of real hair with a plastic ring at the top/root.

Pre-bonded Hair


These individual strands are pre-bonded, with a polymer resin adhesive on the root end.

Tape Hair

Remy Tape In Hair Extensions

The grade tape is safe for skin, scalp and hair, has waterproof properties and incredibly strong.