Brazilian Knots 100g

Brazilian knots Techniques:

Brazilian knots hair extensions, also known as the Italian knot technique, and elastic fusion, are a strand-by strand hair extensions technique.When done properly, Brazilian knots are safe, highly durable and provides an overall natural appearance.

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Brazilian Knots Hair plus Application:

100% Human Hair

  • 18’’ Remy Hair 100gram £220
  • 20’’ Remy Hair 100gram £260
  • 22’’ Remy Hair 100gram £280
  • 24’’ Remy Hair 100gram £320

Virgin Remy Hair:

  • 16’’ Remy Hair 100 gram £360
  • 18’’ Remy Hair 100 gram £390
  • 20’’ Remy Hair 100 gram £410
  • 22’’ Remy Hair 100 gram £430

Russian  Remy Hair:

  • 16’’ Remy Hair 100 gram £580
  • 18’’ Remy Hair 100 gram £690
  • 20’’ Remy Hair 100 gram £710
  • 22’’ Remy Hair 100 gram £880

Own Hair Extensions/ Re-Application

  • Remy Hair 100 gram £120
  • Remy Hair 200 gram £180
  • Remy Hair 300 gram £260
  • Remy Hair 400 gram £300

Brazilian Knots – Maintenance:

  • Full head Removal is £45
  • Re-application £120 per 100 gram (Removal is not including re-application; removal with new hair fitted/re-application is £25 but must be fitted on the same day as removal)
  • Maintenance between  6-12 week

Mobile / Home Service:

  • £35 fuel charge apply to Saturdays & Sundays home services
  • £25 fuel charge apply to Monday-Friday home services


Brazilian knots hair extensions
Brazilian knots hair extensions



Another piece of good news is that the Brazilian Knot hair extensions are designed to last for several months once in place. This is one of the reasons why they are such a good choice for anyone looking for a reasonably long-term way of boosting their natural hair’s looks, length and volume.


In fact, they will stay looking fantastic for up to 5 to 6 months after being fitted. During this time it is possible to style your hair in any way that you want, to colour it and to do whatever you normally would to look after it.

Even if are often subjected to extreme conditions of heat and cold or work out vigorously every day your Brazilian Knots won’t be adversely affected in any way at all. You can also use a hair dryer and hair straighteners on them in the way that you normally would without any worries.